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Bar Lounge Design

Here at Dining Vision, we are excited about conceptualizing every detail of a space—from the reception and dining areas all the way to the washrooms. We call these stages of development moments of truth.

We offer our services with three decades of industry experience and a deep knowledge of new and upcoming trends. Our primary preopening tasks include an in-depth market research and a detailed analysis of the consumption patterns of your target customer.

Working closely with project management teams, architects and designers, we create a customized and optimized  preopening workflow to ensure all of your efforts merge into one efficient, operational framework.

Our turn-key business solutions include:

  • Concept Development
  • Sustainable and Corporate Social Responsibilities Strategies
  • Business Planning – to support concept, expenditure, expectations and ROI
  • Restaurant Design – Equipment & Fit Out
  • Kitchen Organization & Design
  • General Contractor Oversight
  • Brand Creation & Market Research 
  • Recruiting & Coaching
  • Managers Training
  • Service Standards Design & Training / Upselling Techniques Training 
  • Product Knowledge Training / Communications Skills Training
  • Concepts & Menu Development
  • Purchasing Procedures 
  • Menu Concept & Design
  • Menu Engineering / Food & Beverage Cost Analysis
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Operating Systems / Standardization of Systems and Processes
  • Food Safety


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  • ....we really appreciated the expertise you provide....having the support of an Industry Consultant  was certainly interesting and helpful and knowing you are available next year is as well reassuring…Monnis International CEO, Mongolia
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