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Feb. 29, 2020

Dining Vision specializes in the planning, development and turnaround of new and existing restaurants. Our wide range of services, from pre-opening consulting to interim management, help you meet your objectives and build a solid foundation. As part of our pre-opening services, DV works in close contact with the project team and assists in structuring an accurate work flow for a succesfull launch.

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Our interim management services provide solutions which highlight, in the shortest period of time, what are the best strategies to put back on the right path a struggling operation.

More info: Interim Management

The foundation for any successful restaurant is to be found in the success of its team. We make sure our tailor made training manuals reflect standards and expectations, helping every single individual member of your team to understand and embrace your vision.

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Feb. 24, 2020

Independent F&B operations or restaurants groups going through either slow or rapid growth, need hands-on management; a kind of leadership which involves the establishing of a new communication process with the different departments teams; the common goal is to get everybody working together with decisions and strategic planning that get them closer to the vision itself.

The Consultant shall interview each member of the management team, understand restaurants operations and how they are executed, talk with team members and guests. There is no turnaround without a direct understanding of the actual situation and a clear setting of actions plans to move forward.

A short-term 120 days can do a lot to change the momentum of a concept.

One of the initial goals is to reinforcing trust in the various teams members. They need to feel there is a new plan for success and proper steps are being taken. 

Another important point to consider is that restaurants are made of interactions between four elements: people, place, products and positioning. An in-depth approach for managing these elements is the key to success in any turnaround process.

Turnaround consultants evaluate where and how the overall expenditure can be reduced and the cash flow improved. At same time they analyze staff’s performance and consider terminations or promotions or changes of positions. They also propose to get rid of assets not needed or limit production and services that are not profitable; all this to reduce cost.

For your business turnaround you need an expert who knows the industry inside and out, someone who has either owned and/or managed several non-branded, independent businesses, with years of experience in managing this or similar type of venture. 
When choosing a consultant you need to have clear his track record in both management and also preopening.

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Ultimately a check of his record in terms of references and success is always recommended. Previous clients or employers can provide feedback and eventually talk about how effective the expert was in implementing the changes needed and improving the business 

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Feb. 22, 2020
Italian Express

A new Dining Vision project in Hong Kong

Feb. 4, 2020
  • When opening a new restaurant

When your goal is opening a new establishment, the main task is to develop a unique concept. You may need someone to assist you with the creation of the concept and the fine tuning needed to help bring your idea to life.
Check out our preopening services and solutions: Preopening

  • When not profiting enough in your current restaurant

A consultant identifies shortcomings and structures a plan of action to correct crucial mistakes or wrong strategies. At same time develops and executes new action plans to improve performance in operations, F&B menus, hygiene, marketing, accounting.
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  • Not complete industry knowledge

Being a good chef or a great floor manager is crucial for survival in the food industry, but the business side of it is very important too; If you’re not so experienced with all business aspects of the industry, hiring a consultant with strong knowledge about this can help a lot.
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  • Lack of specifics

A consultant can help you discover and reinforce your unique strengths and opportunities to be able to communicate properly to your guests what is your restaurant about.
Check out our range of services and professional background in both management and consulting areas: Bio

  • Desire to expand

If your goal is expanding, we can help you with that as well. By developing a new concept or duplicate the same one, we can assist in finding the best location for expansion, help with menu development, restaurants design, kitchen equipment and layout, training manuals and so on.

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Jan. 19, 2020

Il "Bel Paese", a new Dining Vision repositioning project in Hong Kong, reopened its Deli Shops locations in Happy Valley, Caine Road and Bonham Road, after being closed for about 10 days for a complete interior remodeling and new F&B concept development.

This popular brand, existing since 2001, has a loyal customers base that will find out the changes focus on providing a better quality and shopping experience, while introducing to a new generation more organic and eco-friendly choices.

The deli shops are a lot fresher, with a brighter, more inviting and approachable retail area, ice cream corner and a huge vertical cheese and cold cuts fridge right at the entrance. We wanted to re-look at an Italian grocery store concept, not formal and intimidating but rather engaging and conversational.
The refresh of the deli shops in Happy Valley, Bonham Road and Caine Road was led by Dining Vision, a Hong Kong based F&B Consulting Company with ongoing projects in Vietnam and Thailand as well.