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Our Team of professional consultants provides A to Z support for either start-up or grown up Hospitality businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, bars, pubs. We deliver passion, expertise and professionalism. With ideas and solutions that have been successful in other operations, we bring with us our specialized knowledge and experience to assist with a combination of problem-solving, planning or implementation of services: 

  • Management: if we are called to improve your business, we will initially spend some time observing how the operation is currently run. We will get to know the establishment from the inside out. After this process we will offer suggestions on making changes to the menu, interior design, brand and concept, treatment of customers. We will train management and staff to make sure they are aligned with our improvement plan
  • Pre-opening: if we are brought in before the opening, we will start from scratch, working with you to develop the original concept, food selection, ambiance and daily operations of the business 
  • On site: we travel to your business to help determine where your most pressing needs are. We also arrange on-site visits for new projects 
  • Email: we create customized spreadsheets, manuals, checklists, menus, brochures, and more all the way to new concepts prototypes
  • Telephone / Skype: by telephone, you can have the experience of our consultants at your fingertips

After the initial free consultation, where we will determine the services needed and able to fit your budget, we will offer recommendations, best solutions and a quote

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