Dining Vision's new openings and new projects in 2021

February 2021: Havana Cigars & Fine Spirits successfully opened. The new concept store, where a few of life’s guilty pleasures happily intersect, carries a range of top brand and popular cigars. A private collection of splendid wines and spirits and award-winning luxury and craft chocolates from countries around the world, complete the offer.

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April 2021: Dining Vision assisted Il Bel Pease Group in the launch of Il Bel Paese Italian Express in East Tsim Tsa Tsui. The chain of restaurants and grocery stores, in Hong Kong since 2001, reopened in 2020 6 units with locations in Central Hong Kong and Discovery Bay. Dining Vision led the projects and assisted the owning company from concept development all the way to the successful openings, through kitchen, retail and dining areas design, decor elements selection, food and beverage offering, hiring and strategic planning. The grocery stores are a lot fresher, with a brighter, more inviting and approachable retail areas, ice cream corners and huge vertical cheese and cold cuts fridges right at the entrance. We wanted to re-look at an Italian grocery store concept, not formal and intimidating but rather engaging and conversational. At same time the restaurants serve authentic Italian food in welcoming indoor and outdoor areas.

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August 2021: A Mediterranean Market, europeantouch opens in Discovery Bay, Lantau Island. The 4,000 sq. ft. grocery store will offer excellent ingredients and products sourced from the Mediterranean regions and Europe. In addition, quality street food will be prepared in front of customers enjoying a different shopping experience, where cuisine, wine culture, history and entertainment will blend in harmony and will be made available to everyone. Mediterranean food encapsulates the culinary cultures of several different countries, from Italy to Morocco; amazing plant-based products and vegan food will be available as well. A small movie theater for children will provide detailed info on history and culture of Mediterranean food and local traditions while focusing on sustainability and responsible tourism.

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October-November 2021; Dining Vision will hand over The Rink All Day Lounge and Raf & Sons Prime Cut and Seafood, both located next to the largest Ice Rink in Hong Kong. The casual dining venue, open from breakfast to late supper, will resemble a Swiss Chalet and will offer an array of Swiss delicacies and international choices; a cheese and a wine "wall" at the entrance will create a unique shopping experience, while the fine steakhouse and an oysters bar will be available for a more intimate dining experience.

End of the year: Dining Vision (Hong Kong) and its subsidiaries Viet Au International (Vietnam), Dining Vision Co. (Thailand) and Eataly.vn (Vietnam) will launch Lotus & Jasmine, a start-up social enterprise with focus on sustainable hospitality in Vietnam and Thailand. Tourists will enjoy a "Meaningful Vacation" in our refurbished guesthouses and restaurants, while supporting local communities and promoting responsible tourism, responsible consumption and environmental awareness in the post Covid-19 era. 

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Il Bel Paese Italian Express

Il Bel Paese Ristorante Italiano e Deli

Il Bel Paese Ristorante Italiano, Discovery Bay

Il Bel Paese Ristorante Italiano, Discovery Bay

The Mediterranean Market

europeantouch The Mediterranean Market

The Rink All Day Lounge

The Rink All Day Lounge

The Rink All Day Lounge

Raf & Sons Prime Cut and Seafood

Lotus & Jasmine Sustainable Hospitality

Lotus & Jasmine Sustainable Hospitality

Lotus & Jasmine Sustainable Hospitality

Lotus & Jasmine Sustainable Hospitality

Lotus & Jasmine Sustainable Hospitality

Start Ups. New Openings. Business Turnaround. Training. Operations Management.

Italian Casual Dining

Preopening: Almaz International Cuisine & Convention Centre, Vietnam


This USD 30,000,000 project was preparing to launch; Top Management needed someone to lead during the pre-opening period.


Massimo Gavina, Dining Vision senior consultant, was called onboard to assist in the preopening stage. He was responsible for the F&B operations which included all tasks related to the pre-opening and the developing of standard operating manual (SOP), kitchen equipment and loose furniture selection as well as hiring of new staffs and their subsequent training. To help them get started quickly given such short timeline, he also assisted them with design planning and deployment of standard operating equipments for all five restaurants, two bars, lounges, karaoke and bowling venus as well as the 2,500 seats convention centre.The International cuisine and convention centre had a successful and smooth opening with all the deadlines met; the project was handed over respecting budget and timeline; over 250 team members were employed and trained, 3 SOP and Training Manuals had been created and translated in Vietnamese language. Almaz is recognized today as the top dining and entertainment destination in Hanoi and the second largest convention center in the country.

....Mr. Gavina has the ability to meet the deadlines without compromising with the quality of work…. His skills and productive ideas will surely contribute to the growth of the Company…. Vingroup-Almaz General Director, Hanoi

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Japanese Restaurant

Vietnamese Restaurant

Convention Center

Wine Lounge

Wine Cellar Decor Elements

Fine Dining in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Concept Development & Preopening: Monnis International, Mongolia


The Owner needed an experienced consultant to help them create and deliver an innovative F&B project in the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. They needed a strong dining concept for their two restaurants as well as a sound business planning which could cover financial returns, operations efficiency, branding and training.


Dining Vision worked closely with the business owners and created a visionary seafood concept for the fine dining restaurants. Valuable advice in choosing suppliers were given; DV was involved in the training of restaurant staffs and worked within the budgeted financials from start to finish, adhering strictly to this USD 3,000,000 project timeline. At same time DV hired and supervised designers to deliver the project and acted as Project Manager taking over al tasks from A to Z. The F&B project was launched on time, budget and scope.

....we really appreciated the expertise you provide....having the support of an Industry Consultant  was certainly interesting and helpful and knowing you are available next year is as well reassuring….Monnis International CEO, Mongolia

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Preopening, Remodelling, Repositioning: Il Bel Paese Group, Hong Kong


Il Bel Paese Group successfully reopened 6 units in Central Hong Kong and Discovery Bay.


Dining Vision Ltd led the project and assisted the owning company from concept development all the way to the successful openings, through kitchen, retail and dining areas design, decor elements selection, food and beverage offering, hiring and strategic planning.

The grocery shops (Happy Valley, Bonham Road, Caine Road, Discovery Bay) are now a lot fresher, with brighter, more inviting and approachable retail areas; ice cream corners and huge see-through vertical cheese and cold cuts fridges are located right at the entrance, sending a bold and inviting message at the street level.
We wanted to re-look at an Italian grocery store concept, not formal and intimidating but rather engaging and conversational.

The restaurant division (Caine Road, Queen`s Road Central and Discovery Bay Plaza) showcases updated interiors to provide the best guest experience possible. Restaurants renovation included a complete revamp of the kitchens, upgraded dining areas, modernized furniture and décor as well as a completely remodeled exterior in Discovery Bay, now boasting a patio able to welcome 200 guests for lunch and dinner all year round and featuring Italian imported furniture and an ultra-light canopy.

The food and beverage selection is now offering imported organic and sustainable products, an expanded selection of premium wine and spirits, homemade authentic cuisine available with dine-in and take-away options.

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Il Bel Paese Ristorante Italiano, Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Il Bel Paese Gelato Italiano, Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Il Bel Paese Italian Deli, Caine Road, Hong Kong

Il Bel Paese Italian Deli, Bonham Road, Hong Kong

Il Bel Paese Italian Deli, Happy Valley,Hong Kong

Lotus Seaview, Candidasa, Bali

Training & Business Development: Lotus Enterprise, Bali


The restaurant chain appointed our Senior Consultant to help them improve one of their restaurants based in Bali.


Massimo did improve and turn things around; after 3 months, he was appointed to help all other restaurants belonging to the same chain across Indonesia. He managed the employees and implemented an innovative training programme. He introduced creative suggestive selling skills and trained employees to engage themselves in driving performance by identifying and creating moments of interactions, which increased significantly revenues and built up a guest centric culture. The restaurant chain experienced a boost in sales and a much higher employee’s retention rate.

....welcomes leadership and opportunities and meets deadline on time…he is an asset.... Lotus Enterprise Chairman,  Bali – Singapore

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Havana Cigars & Fine Spirits

Concept Development & Preopening
Dining Vision is delighted to have consulted for the opening of "Havana Cigars & Fine Spirits" in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong.
The challenge in designing this unique concept was to offer rare and also "non-rare" products and at same time to surprise customers by delivering an innovative retail experience.
"Havana" features a large walk-in humidor, dedicated rare wine and spirits corners, and artisanal award winning craft chocolates from around the world.
The concept is refreshing, stylishly elegant, contemporary and warm, with interior design combining mahogany, copper and marble, elements somehow reminiscent of cigars, red wine, chocolate and....Cuba.

Cucina Restaurant at Marco Polo Hotel, Hong Kong

Preopening & Management: Marco Polo Hotels, Hong Kong


Massimo Gavina was tasked to work closely with Hotel Management for a full concept development of an award winning restaurant, including branding/naming, menu style, use of space, training development.
It was a concept to be created around a great location, at the 6th floor of the  Hotel with stunning views of Victoria Harbor.


Hired as General Manager for F&B, Massimo helped the top management create, refine, and launch this vision.
From “idea” to “open, he was with the hotel management every step of the way, including setting up back office protocols, hiring and training the staff, developing all print material, defining uniforms and service protocols, creating wine and food selections, evolving the point of sale system, driving PR initiatives, writing operations manuals and handbooks.
Cucina has been awarded and recognized several times on prestigious publications including Michelin and Tatler guides.

....a great operator especially when we most require to "think out-of-the-box" to complement any marketing strategies and guest’s experience....Marco Polo Hotel Sales & Marketing Director, Hong Kong

....he will be successful at and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to any prospective employer fortunate enough to retain his services...Marco Polo Hotels Area Director

....without your constant strive for perfection and staff training we would not be of where we are now...this would not have been possible without you and your Team....Marco Polo Hotels Director

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Italian Hospitality Award

Business Turnaround & Repositioning: Il Bel Paese Restaurants and Grocery Shops, Hong Kong


For the remodeling and rebranding of 6 Deli and Restaurants belonging to Il Bel Paese Group, a Hong Kong F&B company existing since 2001, it was determined that improving the products line and at same time offering a more approachable look to the venues would do well to foster community and business growth.


Dining Vision was tasked to organize priorities and discover best practices in the deli shops and Italian restaurants environment; at same time to identify an Italian concept that would shine in the local market. A Concept Presentation was written and presented, from which brand identity and business plan were developed. 

Dining Vision developed every aspect of the concept, including menu offerings and recipes, interior and kitchen design, remodeling, operational and human resources procedures. With strong project management in place, DV supported ownership through each phase of the development process to ensure a successful launch of the new concept. 3 grocery shops (Italian Deli) reopened after only 10 days of "make over" in Happy Valley, Bonham Road and Caine Road (Hong Kong Island), with a lot fresher look and a brighter, more inviting and approachable retail area; ice cream corner and a huge vertical cheese and cold cuts fridge right at the entrance were added. We wanted to re-look at an Italian grocery store concept, not formal and intimidating but rather engaging and conversational. 2 months later, in Discovery Bay (Lantau Island) and Queen's Road  (Central, Hong Kong Islnd) 3 new brands were launched: Ristorante Italiano, Gelato Italiano, Italian Express. With a new look, a new concept and a stronger management team in place, Il Bel Paese Group is positioning itself as one of the leading brands in Hong Kong's food & beverage environment.

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Maestro Restaurant & Grill, Hong Kong

Repositioning & New Concept Development:  Panther Group, Hong Kong


While showcasing good food, a strong community following and a prime location, the Italian Restaurant had no systems, standards and procedures in place to be profitable and sound in operations. Dining Vision was tasked with analayzing operations and study potential.


Our Consultants spent 3 months onsite, from opening through closing, to understand operations in their whole. Dining Vision evaluated brand, online presence, dining and kitchen areas layouts, food & beverage menus, accounting, inventory recording and ordering procedures. A detailed report with recommendations for front of house, back of house and management was presented to the owners.
An action plan was approved to address and act on the most time-sensitive issues in a timely manner.
Sales went up about 15%; properly priced menus, accurate recipes standardization and food costs improvement helped the restaurant to keep the leading position in the area.
Dining Vision is currently assisting the owners in the remodeling and rebranding of other locations belonging to the group.

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