Advantages of interim management services

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We offer this service to assist you in all aspects of restaurant management and improve operational efficiency; we help you to maximize profit without losing sight of the ultimate goal: making guests happy so they can return....again and again!

Restaurant Physical & Checkup: we  will analyze and evaluate the performance of your establishment(s) and work with you to develop an actionable plan with an implementation of immediate steps to grow and/or maintain your business

Restaurant Concept & Launch: from concept development and execution through the opening and beyond, we’re here to help

Crisis Management: let us evaluate your under performing business so we can help you and work with you on a path to recovery and/or repositioning

Contingency Services: if you are experimenting a shortage of management staff, we can fill the position immediately and assist you as well  in your search for a permanent replacement to facilitate the transition without affecting operational efficiency

An Interim Manager recommends a new approach, if requested, then implements changes and solutions whilst on assignment and performing routine Management tasks:

  • Delivers practical experience and skillset and works with the existing Management to add value and bring new directions
  • Works typically five days a week, 8-10 hours per day and blends with staff and guests
  • Performs usually for a pre-determined term (1-3-6-12 months)

Other possible tasks are:

  • Managing turnarounds
  • Taking charge of specific projects or launching a new product or service
  • “Test-Drive” potential permanent candidates
  • Post merger and acquisition management
  • Bringing special knowledge on projects outside a company’s core competency

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