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A restaurant's repositioning aims to revitalizes the brand’s image, providing a new "feel" to change completely a customers perception. During this process, we focus on the brand to set the company apart from all competitors, with strategic planning involving changes in operations, marketing, products. Some tasks include and are not limited to:

  • Repositioning the company and vision to introduce a change of focus
  • Updating the corporate image to align to new market needs
  • Expanding the business scope

To execute the repositioning strategies, we evaluate current operations and highlight:

  • New cost control methods & missed sales opportunities
  • Gaps in the organizational structure & ways to improve the level of customer service
  • A new, creative and fresh perspective

These reviews are conducted over a three day period and followed by a written report with primary observations and recommendations of ways to improve both the customer service level and organizational structure. Ultimately we introduce:

User Friendly Recipe Manuals:

  • Designed to maximize operational efficiencies

Food & Beverage Menus Maintenance:

  • On-going relationship to update menus with new products and presentations

New Concept Initiatives:

  • Operations support for new concepts & equipment design and procurement
  • Recruitment & Training
  • Branding development
  • Marketing  & promotions planning
  • Website & social networking development

Dining Vision provides bespoke solutions to suit your requirements and put your business back on the right path. 

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