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Mar. 27, 2020

We offer online restaurants design services to make your ideas come to life

Dining Vision Ltd (Hong Kong) and its subsidiaries, Dining Vision Co.Ltd, (Thailand) and Viet Au International (Vietnam), provide consultancy work for hospitality and Food & Beverage projects development, on site and now online as well. We deliver custom-designs and tailor made solutions for your projects, anywhere in Southeast Asia. Dining Vision operates hands-on with full commitment, during the initial stages of planning and development, by assembling the right preopening teams and giving inputs to each aspect of the process with industry experts, regionally and internationally. We conceptualize and execute strategies across the whole spectrum of the project, from concept to operational handover.

In addition and upon request, we can continue to represent the owner/ investor in supervising the operations of the management company for a predetermined time, in order to reinforce proper guidelines to follow after a smooth handover. No project is too big or too small as we provide A to Z and a la carte services, offering a personalized and tailor made approach. We undertake several responsibilities, from planning a business model or strategy till its successful execution, helping our clients improve their business skills and knowledge.

Our design solutions aim to transform spaces into distinctive experiences. Based on your ideas, location, premises layout we offer up to 10 different sketches and preliminary designs for you to choose from. After your choice and our recommendations we proceed to the final layout, fitting proposal and 5 different choices of the material we recommend.

Our restaurant interior designs focus on providing warmth and comfort; everything from lighting, temperature, furniture to cutlery will be conceptualized by our experts according to your budget, goal, and vision. We are confident to deliver a design that makes you stand out and appease your needs with intelligent, contemporary and ergonomic state of the arts solutions.

Dining Vision offers the following online consulting services:


  • Suitability appraisal
  • Design criteria

Project Development:

  • Concept design
  • Preopening consultancy
  • Recruitment
  • Budget / Forecast
  • Menus development

Operation & Training Manuals:

  • Preopening procedures manuals
  • Daily systems & procedures design
  • Front of the house and kitchen manuals

Kitchen Design Service

Our kitchen design solutions are tailor made to strike a balance between top-notch functionality and costs. These solutions will play a major role in costs management, speed and quality of service and reputation build up for a better business. We will create a design that includes all aspects of your Kitchen along with detailed drafts of the floor plan, equipment placement and kitchen finishes. Main areas:

  • Equipment planning and OS&E design  
  • Support areas planning
  • Work flow and process/
  • Electrical and plumbing design
  • Accurate exhaust and fresh air design
  • Smart technology applications


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We offer reliable solutions in Southeast Asia, online or on site. You are entitled to a FREE 30 minutes consultation. WhatsApp: +852 94742237

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Mar. 26, 2020

Il Bel Paese Italian Express, new grab-and-go concept by Dining Vision, will open soon in Discovery Bay (Hong Kong Lantau Island), tailor made to the needs of customers who can pick and choose the products they like, package them up, pay, and go. "Italian Express" will offer ready-to-go meals created with high-quality imported and fresh seasonal ingredients. 

Patrons will be allowed in minutes to create a full Italian meal with tasty antipasti and sides, healthy salads, pasta, traditional panini, housemade desserts in a fraction of the time. It will offer as well an array of affordable imported Italian wine, sparkling and mineral water, natural sodas and more.
Il Bel Paese Italian Express is proposing as well healthy alternatives with specially handmade Italian meals; it will create healthy choices without compromising on flavor, Italian classics more accessible to health-conscious consumers

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We offer reliable solutions in Hong Kong, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, online or on site

You are entitled to a FREE 30 minutes consultation. WhatsApp: +852 94742237 

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Mar. 19, 2020

When a restaurant business needs to evolve in a "more loved and respected brand", it is time to create an overall restaurant experience that guests "feel extremely positive and confident about." 

A good rebranding strategy cannot just be the typical logo and design change; the brand should be reconsidered, from top to bottom, inside and out.
To create a "new feel", great efforts should be in place not just to become a "better looking place where to get good food", but to identify multiple goals, from creating better value to providing excellent customer service, executing more impact marketing strategies and embracing long-term sustainable operations.
Light or major remodeling should be considered as well in order to adapt to the new trends and align to the different needs of your target market.
Strategic planning should be directed to changes in operations, marketing, products.

Other important tasks are:

- Repositioning the company mission and vision to introduce a change of focus
- Updating the corporate image to align to new market needs
- Expanding the business scope
- Analysing new cost control methods and missed sales opportunities
- Analysing gaps in the organizational structure & ways to improve the level of customer service.

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Mar. 18, 2020

Main points to consider when your restaurant business needs a facelift:

  • Your vision and mission are outdated: What was appealing to your target market only few years ago is not appealing anymore to the demographics and psycographics of your ideal target market
  • Your positioning in the market is a limit to changes: If you for example expanded your menu concept with additional items, then the original food concept could not be significant anymore
  • Your brand is not able to convey the desired message: If your message is confusing with a mismatch between products description and service delivery for example, an immediate rebranding is essential
  • Your restaurant concept is not standing out or has a bad reputation: Good concepts need also to be unique in their products and service delivery, if not need to be rethought. Moreover, if consumers associate a visit to your establishment with a negative experience, it is clearly a time for drastic changes
  • Your restaurant offers a first impression of being outdated: Probably a simple remodeling or changes to the menu concept or launching of innovative and creative specials can do the "magic"
  • Remodeling your restaurant is equal to injecting fresh blood in your operations: Lots of competitors open their doors every day. Restaurants need to be aligned with ever changing trends to appeal to new customers. Planning a restaurant renovation is a difficult task but statistics show up to a 40 percent increase in sales after renovation
  • Should You Stay Open During Remodeling?: The average restaurant remodel takes four to six weeks to complete. In general restaurants that close entirely for renovation see a larger increase in sales after reopening than restaurants that decided to stay open
  • Learn more about target market before renovation: If your target market's demographics or spending patterns have changed since you opened, it is better to study more in depth what can help to be more appealing and align as more as possible to the new needs of your potential customers.
  • What are the areas that need to improve: It is important to study ways to provide more efficiency in operations and customer service. It is a great moment, right before and during renovation, to discover ways to serve customers faster and in a more functional and efficient way. Is the kitchen layout translating in efficiency? Are storage areas enough to cover needs? Are tables too close to each others? Solutions should be tailor made and should blend into the design plans
  • Execute your renovation project to launch a busier restaurant: If a simple or a major renovation is designed to keep regulars happy and at same time appeal to new customers, it means the starting point is well thought already. Moreover if a renovation is connected to improvement in the menu and re-training of staff for a better service delivery, remodeling can improve your capability to stay competitive for more years to come

Mar. 18, 2020
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