Nov. 25, 2021

Invest in People, Planet, Prosperity

More and more environmentally conscious travelers are emerging and they wish to experience extraordinary travel that is rich and socially responsible.

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy relaxing escapes in Vietnam and Thailand while investing in an environmentally - friendly project that offers a solid return? Please keep reading.

Lotus & Jasmine, our new project, is a social enterprise that will offer a unique meaningful vacation experience. Our boutique eco-friendly guesthouses and organic restaurants aim to enhance the guest experience by creating moments of responsible tourism while generating a positive impact on environment and local communities.

We are just starting to raise funds! I will be glad to schedule a meeting with you to go through my idea and check your interest in joining our funding board. At the present we are on and we are in process of launching our very own crowdfunding campaign.

In the meanwhile feel free to learn more about lotusandjasmine visiting the following pages:

The Project   The Gallery   Financials and more

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