Feb. 29, 2020

Restaurants pre-opening and interim management services


Dining Vision specializes in the planning, development and turnaround of new and existing restaurants

Our wide range of services, from pre-opening consulting to interim management, help you meet your objectives and build a solid foundation

As part of our pre-opening services, DV works in close contact with the project team and assists in structuring an accurate work flow for a succesfull launch.

More info: Pre-opening

Our interim management services provide solutions which highlight, in the shortest period of time, what are the best strategies to put back on the right path a struggling operation

More info: Interim Management

The foundation for any successful restaurant lies in the success of its team. We make sure our tailor made training manuals reflect standards and expectations, helping every single individual member of your team to understand and embrace your vision

More info about our professional background: Management     Recent Projects

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We operate in Hong Kong (Dining Vision Limited), Vietnam (Viet Au International), Thailand (Dining Vision Co.Ltd), Mongolia and Indonesia

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