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Jan. 19, 2020

Grand opening party at "Il Bel Paese", Italian Deli in Happy Valley

Il "Bel Paese", a new Dining Vision repositioning project in Hong Kong, reopened its Deli Shops locations in Happy Valley, Caine Road and Bonham Road, after being closed for about 10 days for a complete interior remodeling and new F&B concept development.
This popular brand, existing since 2001, has a loyal customers base that will find out the changes focus on providing a better quality and shopping experience, while introducing to a new generation more organic and eco-friendly choices.

The deli shops are a lot fresher, with a brighter, more inviting and approachable retail area, ice cream corner and a huge vertical cheese and cold cuts fridge right at the entrance. We wanted to re-look at an Italian grocery store concept, not formal and intimidating but rather engaging and conversational.
The refresh of the deli shops in Happy Valley, Bonham Road and Caine Road was led by Dining Vision, a Hong Kong based F&B Consulting Company with ongoing projects in Vietnam and Thailand as well.


Sep. 28, 2019
Remodeling and re-positioning

We have been appointed as consulting company for the interior remodeling, the F&B concept development and the rebranding of 12 existing deli shops, coffee shops, bars and restaurants belonging to IL Bel Paese Group (Hong Kong Island and Discovery Bay), Global Fine Goods (East Tst and Lan Kwai Fong) and Pascucci (Hong Kong Island and Discovery Bay).
Work already in progress for the first 2 deli shops in Bonham Road and Happy Valley, where home made ice cream and pasta, imported cheeses and coldcuts, creative salad and more will be offered in a warm and inviting ambience.
Official opening date: 30 October.

Jul. 29, 2019


Lotus and Jasmine: The First Eco-Friendly Group of Boutique Guesthouses & Organic Restaurants in Vietnam and Thailand



Enjoy relaxing escapes in Vietnam and Thailand while helping local communities

  • Environment-friendly project that offers rewards, free holidays, unique dining experiences
  • Nature-friendly hospitality project with healthy ROI prospects
  • Sustainable project reduces the environmental impact benefiting you, the local communities and the preservation of natural resources
  • Easy to duplicate concept  

A PDF deck with summary of vision/mission is available for download here Invest in SE Asia

For financials: Line dvmax1707    Wechat dvhongkong1   WhatsApp +85294742237

Why Vietnam and Thailand: 




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Feb. 17, 2018

During a recent visit to family and friends in Italy, I had the pleasure to meet in Rome Dr. Carolina Amelio, Founder of CaroAnto Amelio, a non-profit organization born in 2014 to assist and support families of children with disabilities. So far Dr. Amelio’s work focused on these three main goals:


  1. Emotional empowerment of disabled children and teenagers
  2. Parents’ support aimed at addressing their commitment in helping their children to achieve autonomy and to strengthen their capacity regardless of limitations
  3. Support for siblings and their future lives.

Moving forward, the non-profit organization’s focus is to build a multi-function center:

  • The CaroAnto Center: a rehabilitation center with traditional and cutting edge therapies able to address the emotional aspects of the person rather than only on the aspects of the disability
  • The CaroAnto Residence: a living space for adults with sensory disabilities (blind, deaf or deaf and blind people) able to conduct an independent life. They will have the option to rent a room in single or double accommodations with a friend or a life companion; the goal is to lay the foundations for a future in full autonomy and having the security of a protected environment
  • The CaroAnto Shop: a retail area dedicated to workshops and sale of objects handcrafted by the residents and to be sold to the public as a reward of their work

A small fee can help to make a dream come true!

Make a small donation to support this fantastic project and Dr. Carolina Amelio’s research for a continuous improvement in the lives of these children and their families!

If you cannot donate you can still make a difference by sharing with all your contacts and connections! Your help is valuable and it will be treasured forever!

For more information or PayPal donations please contact directly DrCarolina Amelio at carolinaamelio@hotmail.com or (+39) 338 774 9043

Ready to donate? Please see below details:

CaroAnto Amelio Onlus

Account #: C.F. 977 969 10582

Bank: Banca Intesa Sanpaolo

IBAN: IT95 E030 6960 2111 0000 0002 115