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Lobby Lounge Design

Dining Vision loves to conceptualise every detail of a space, from the reception and dining areas all the way to the washrooms. We call these stages of development "Moments of Truth" and we create these experiences with a three decades professional background, a deep knowledge about the new trends and a strong passion.

We study in depth the market and the competition as well as the target audience’s consumption patterns.

Our experts and partners offer a broad range of services to assist you in a successful opening. We work closely with the project management team, architects, designers to create an accurate pre-opening work flow and to ensure all efforts merge into an efficient operational frame work.

Our turn-key business solutions:

  • Property Search (purchase or rental)
  • Business Planning to support concept, expenditure, expectations and ROI
  • Restaurant Design - Equipment & Fit Out
  • Kitchen Organisation & Design
  • General Contractor Oversight
  • Brand Creation & Market Research 
  • Recruiting & Coaching/ Chefs Training/ Managers Training/ Service Team Training
  • Service Standards Design & Training/ Upselling Tecniques Training 
  • Products Knowlege Training/ Communications Skills Training
  • Conceps & Menu Development
  • Purchasing 
  • Menus Concept & Design
  • Menu Engineering / Food & Beverage Cost Analysis
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Operating Systems/ Standardization of Systems and Processes
  • Food Safety


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