Sustainability & Development Hospitality Projects.

Lotus, the flower of Vietnam, reflects purity of the body and speech; althougt rooted in the mud, its flowers can blossom on long stalks floating above muddy waters in a remarkable expression of beauty. Jasmine, a popular flower in Thailand, is symbolic of purity and gentleness.

Enjoy relaxing escapes in Vietnam and Thailand while helping local communities and investing in an environmentally - friendly project that offers a solid return!

Do you want to invest in a nature-friendly Hospitality project with healthy ROI prospects? So do we!

Lotus and Jasmine wants to offer a "Tourism with a Meaning" experience. Our boutique eco-friendly guesthouses & organic restaurants will be enriched by a range of activities with strong focus on awareness, environment, communities.

Our unique and sustainable hospitality concept will target both international travelers as well as domestic tourism. We aim to enhance the guest experience by creating moments of sustainable tourism and generating a positive impact on environment, society and economy:

  • Eco-friendly guesthouses and organic food restaurants
  • Sustainable project that will reduce the environmental impact benefiting you, the local communities and the preservation of natural resources
  • Educational and environmentally-friendly activities available to guests and public 
  • Innovative "Farm to Table" restaurant concepts that will generate a positive impact on local communities and businesses
  • Online platforrms selling organic products and catering to expats and tourists
  • A Hospitality concept which will create a memorable experiences while enriching lives
  • All this while promoting responsible tourism and improving the well-being of local people
Why Vietnam and Thailand?
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A PDF deck with executive summary and financials is available upon request.

Dining Area

Dining Area

Dining Area

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Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Decor