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Sustainability & Development - Hospitality Projects.

Lotus, the flower of Vietnam, reflects purity of the body and speech; althougt rooted in the mud, its flowers can blossom on long stalks floating above muddy waters in a remarkable expression of beauty. Jasmine, a popular flower in Thailand, is symbolic of purity and gentleness.

Lotus & Jasmine assists investors, owners and hospitality professionals in implementing sustainability projects to reduce costs, engage stakeholders and ultimately increase brand awareness. Specializing in hospitality and restaurants, we create green programs that align core business goals with sustainable practices in existing hotels and guesthouses.

Consulting services:

  • Property assessments
  • Sustainability roadmaps and strategic planning of sustainability initiatives
  • Tailor made training programs to create “green teams”
  • Project management from “idea” to “launch” through concept development, furniture design, décor elements and equipment purchasing
  • Energy and water saving initiatives
  • Food waste reduction and recycling programs
  • Planning of events and activities connected to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and their targets

Invest with us (ongoing project in Vietnam and Thailand):

Investment in Boutique Hotels is among the most profitable hospitality investments. Properties with excellent locations in growing demand simply no longer need to rely on the marketing efforts and support of famous chains. Thanks mostly to Online Travel Agencies and review sites, boutique hotels are now able to be successful as independent businesses. If you want to invest in the hotel industry this is a unique opportunity.

Enjoy relaxing escapes in Vietnam and Thailand while helping local communities and investing in an environmentally - friendly project that offers a solid return! Do you want to invest in a nature-friendly Hospitality project with healthy ROI prospects? So do we!

Lotus and Jasmine will offer a "Vacation with a Meaning" experience. Our boutique eco-friendly guesthouses & organic restaurants will showcase a range of activities with strong focus on awareness, environment, communities. We aim to enhance the guest's experience by creating moments of responsible tourism and generating a positive impact on environment, society and economy:

  • Eco-friendly guesthouses and organic food restaurants
  • Sustainable project that will reduce the environmental impact benefiting you, the local communities and the preservation of natural resources
  • Educational and environmentally-friendly activities available to guests and public 
  • Innovative "Farm to Table" restaurant concepts that will generate a positive impact on local communities and businesses
  • Online platforrms selling organic products and catering to expats and tourists
  • A Hospitality concept which will create a memorable experiences while enriching lives
  • All this while promoting responsible tourism and improving the well-being of local people
Why Vietnam and Thailand?
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