Enjoy relaxing escapes in Vietnam and Thailand while helping local communities and investing in an environment-friendly project that offers a solid return

Lotus, the flower of Vietnam, reflects purity of the body and speech; althougt rooted in the mud, its flowers can blossom on long stalks floating above muddy waters in a remarkable expression of beauty. Jasmine, a popular flower in Thailand, is symbolic of purity and gentleness and it is associated to the love of a mother, in this case "Mother Earth".


Do you want to invest in an nature-friendly Hospitality project with healthy ROI prospects? So do we! 

Lotus and Jasmine: The First Eco-Friendly Group of Boutique Guesthouses & Organic Restaurants in Vietnam and Thailand

You will invest in assets that increase in value and at same time you will be part of a sustainable project that will reduce the environmental impact benefiting you, the local communities and the preservation of natural resources.

  • We will purchase businesses in prime locations and transform the existing facilities
  • We will rent GREEN rooms offering weekly or monthly rental options and we will offer sustainable solutions and activities to guests and public
  • We will create a "Farm to Table" concept in our dining facilities
  • We will create an online platforrm selling organic products to a large community of expats and tourists 
  • We will launch our own Food Delivery App catering to residential communities
  • We will develop a GREEN hospitality concept that will create a memorable experience and enrich lives
  • We will duplicate the concept in different regions 

Why Vietnam and Thailand?

A PDF deck with summary of vision and mission is available for download in this page
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Lotus & Jasmine's executive summary with vision, mission and more. Financials available upon request:
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Dining Area

Dining Area

Dining Area

Restrooms Facilities

Bar & Lounge Area

Reclaimed Wood Bed

Reclaimed Wood Wardrobe

Reclaimed Wood Cabinet

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Decor

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Decor