Restaurants preopening, repositioning, management

Massimo Gavina, Senior Consultant

Whether you are an established restaurant, a small independent operation with expansions plans in the local market or a food business entrepreneur considering a new adventure, we can help. We strongly believe in bespoke services more than a standard approach as we know that each client is different and requires personalized strategies

Vision: To provide solutions with the best answers, tools and opportunities available

Mission: To provide a range of services that are custom made to fit vision and demand

Core Focus Areas:

  • Creativity and Originality: assisting in innovative concepts development or repositioning by supporting in operations, F&B, sales & marketing, strategic planning
  • Curiosity and Recognition: the acceptance from the public, the employees and the media exists only if the concept, the quality of service and the atmosphere merge in providing a "guest experience" which stands out. Our focus is on keeping operators in touch with their customers by providing a better understanding about what they really want and need when visiting their establishments
  • Cost Control and Profitability: only accurate cost control methods, procedures and smooth operations make the difference in the bank

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